What Are The Facts About Vactrain?

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Vactrain, a proposed model for high-speed rail transport, is an innovative design for a bullet train. It’s a male (electric) line with partly evacuated tubes or tunnels. Reduced air drag would allow vactrains to move at high speeds with little energy–up to six,400 kilograms per hour. The resulting force would be much higher than that of the combined weight of the train and its engines.

Vactrain proposes a Maglev tube system with two curved inner conductors with a single outer conductor. These conductors induce a push on effect through magnetic induction. When the two tubes reach their ends, they make a compression and an impact with the outer coil. This activates the motors and starts the Vactrain’s high speed electric trains.

High speed electric trains have the potential to reduce traveling time by up to half and create a much more environmentally friendly commuting system. This is because these trains are much more efficient and create less pollution. Currently, the average commuter takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to commute. Vactrain’s high speed Maglev system could cut that time down to mere minutes. With this efficiency and the use of Maglev technology, the emissions created by a conventional high speed rail line could be totally eliminated. In fact, as Vactrain trains are used, there will be no more smoke or fumes.

However, Vactrain’s high speed Maglev train isn’t quite suitable for large cities. In order for it to operate efficiently, it must cut down on its speed. It can only reduce the speed by a maximum of forty miles per hour. It would be able to keep the same speed through city streets however.

Although it is not advisable to utilize the Vactrain for long distances, it has some advantages when it comes to tunneling. The main advantage it has over the traditional pneumatic tube transport is that it can create a faster travel time by tunneling faster. However, there is an inherent downside to using Vactrain for this type of transportation, which is the risk of the vehicle getting stuck in the tunnel. Since Vactrain creates a tunnel through the ground, there is no way of telling if the car will get stuck. If the car does get stuck, the Vactrain’s system will shut off automatically and workers will begin to dig out the stuck Vactrain and remove it from the tunnel.

These facts about the Vactrain are rather shocking. These innovative tube transport systems are being used to reduce travel times in major cities around the world. One thing it must be noted is that these innovative methods of transportation are not cheap, costing more than an average one-way trip on an interstate. This means that while you will save money on travel time, you could be increasing your carbon footprint by driving in your own gas tank. For those who are environmentally conscious, these facts may turn you away from the new innovation.


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